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Crop Storage Made Easy

Transferring Grain
With the top of the ventilator removed, grain transfers into the building by means of an auger.

Aerator Tubes
The installation of aerator tubes helps to alleviate the build-up of heat during corn storage.

No Supports Required
Grain is stored in the steel building with no supports required at the roof and sides.

Fan Systems Installed
Installation of fan systems through the cement wall upon which the building is constructed enable air to be pumped into the aerator tubes.

Reinforced Endwall
Endwall reinforcement allows grain to be piled against it.

Bulkhead Placement
A bulkhead in front of the door of the building prevents grain from reaching the door.

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Crop Storage Metal Buildings
Crop Storage Steel Buildings
Crop Storage Buildings
Steel Grain Storage Buildings
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Grain Storage Buildings
Corn Storage Steel Buildings
Corn Storage Metal Buildings
Corn Storage Buildings
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