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Steel Building Kits For Trucks

Our metal buildinsg are perfect for

Prefab Metal Building Kits for Truck Storage, Cargo Storage and Maintenance

4 Different Metal Garage Designs To Choose

4 steel building models

What Rocket Customers Say About Our Trucking Garages

"I use the building for working on my trucks. It's large enough that I can maneuver an engine crane around. I can take the body off and separate it from the frame. Its high enough I don't have to worry about overhead issues." - Click here to see this customer's story.

Truck Garage Photo Gallery

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Truck Steel Buildings
Steel Truck Building
Truck Metal Buildings
Truck Steel Buildings
Metal Truck Building
Truck Garages
Steel Truck Garages
Metal Truck Garages
Metal Truck Garage Kits
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Steel provides exception protection against the elements

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