Q-Model Farm Building Customers

“What I love about it is that the fact that it’s large, it’s open. And I can pull it right next to the sides. I never have to stop and open doors.”

“We had a 110-foot pole building just east of this one and a tornado hit it and blew it right over the top of this one. All we got were these 2 little dents out of it, so they have to be pretty tough.”

“They’re easy accessible. I can stack hay in and out, load semis out. Virtually pretty easy without having to maneuver around trusses.”

“We mainly use it to store machinery in and seed because we had nothing to get out of the weather with. It had a lot of snow on it last winter and it never seemed to care about it.”

“The wife and I put the arches together and I got 3 or 4 of my friends and 2 of my sons over here one morning. Saturday morning we started putting arches up by 9:00 and at 1:00 we were in the house eating dinner complete with the arches up. So it went up very well.”