Hosting a Movie Night

How to Host a Movie Night in your Steel Building Garage

Albert Einstein once said, “You have to learn the rules of the game and then play better than anyone else.” And if you are in charge of this year’s block party, kid’s birthday or fundraising event, then you know you are up against a big challenge. That’s why you have to play the game better than anyone else, and the way to do that is by integrating your creativity, technology and social skills with budget friendly fun activity ideas.

So What is the Idea?

Well, one of the most interesting and trending ideas is to host a movie night. “Right but I’m expecting about a hundred people, how can I host a movie night for that large a group,” you think. You are right. You can’t very well invite everyone into your living room to watch a movie night

Ahh! but you can project a movie onto a wall or screen. And that serves as a fun activity for everyone.

How Do You Go About Doing It?

Well, go look out your window. See that steel garage or workshop you have out there. That makes for a perfect movie theater. It’s dark enough, warm enough and comfortable enough to host a lot of people. So all you really need is a projector and a screen.

How Expensive is a Projector and Screen

You’d be surprised how inexpensive this equipment is nowadays. You can rent a projector from your local rental business, or buy one off of eBay or Amazon for about $200. This connects to your laptop and just slip a DVD into the DVD player on your laptop and its ready to projector

A screen is another inexpensive item, but if you really want to go the inexpensive route. Just hang a piece of white canvas or sheet from the walls of your garage.

Why Host a Movie Night?

Well, this is a great way to get kids excited. They can share time with friends and it makes for an interesting party experience. You can serve popcorn and soda, and have cake and ice cream there too, which will prevent the kids from messing up other areas of the house.

If you’re in charge of the school fundraiser this is a great idea too. It’s an inexpensive way to host the event. You can charge admission and sell food products or fundraiser items at your movie night event.

As a block party event this is a very social activity, one all of your neighbors will enjoy. You can even get them to chip in with refreshments, or host a bring your own dish to movie night.

How to Advertise

Getting people to come to your movie night is very simple. If it’s a kids party then use fun and interesting party invitations. You could even print up pictures of your garage and put the party information on the back of the picture.steel garage for movie night

For fundraising events, advertise at your local church, with businesses, and at school. Add a website and place flyers up around town.
A neighborhood block party only requires you to go to your neighbor’s houses and leave an invitation

Final Thoughts

A steel building movie night is a great spring or summer fun activity event. Everyone will think you extremely creative, and your party will be the talk of the town!

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