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5 Steel Buildings Start-Up Office Ideas

Here are Rocket Steel Buildings we like to keep up to date on the latest in cutting-edge architecture and innovative design. One trend we’re seeing more and more of is the development of creative start-up spaces. Companies like Facebook and Google have been q-model-retail-storeon the forefront of interesting add-ons since their respective inceptions, but now many young firms have the option of integrating steel materials into their offices and are exploring the many ways they can add depth and personality to a work environment.

Game Room

One fun way to incorporate steel buildings into your office structure is to build a game room. Studies have proven that adding a brief respite to the work day will increase productivity; in addition, games can often help your employees refine their problem solving capabilities, resulting in more creative solutions. Startups like Foursquare have ping pong or Foozball tables in their game rooms. AOL has interactive art installations and Squarespace has game consoles for the video game geek in us all.

Conference Room

Most conference rooms are drab and host little more than a large table and a projector. Spice yours up and make an impression on clients and employees alike by instilling a bit of personality into your own personal steel building conference room. Keep your brand architecture in line with your physical architecture and inject a sense of whimsy and fun into what are usually boring additions to an office


Very often open office layouts can get noisy and the hustle and bustle makes everyday tasks difficult to accomplish. Having a library or study room designated as a “quiet zone” can help with this. The sleek yet serene nature of the steel building materials can help promote concentration, improve productivity and make your employees results-oriented

Outdoor Deck & Lounge

Take a tip from Gawker’s headquarters: a funky outdoor deck and lounge area is one of the coolest additions to any startup office space. Many startups boast a large outdoor area for lounging, writing, impromptu brainstorming sessions and even bbq-ing in the summer! Make it modern and sleek with the use of our steel building materials


Finally, construct a shiny steel cafeteria to serve as an oasis of nourishment at any time of the day. Companies such as Buzzfeed and Mother New York have already figured out that providing food helps keep spirits high. Make your in-house cafeteria as chic as a modern restaurant and you’ll keep your employees staying for more (and leaving the office less).

These are just a few suggestions but there are many more ways to spice up your startup office space with steel building materials. The primary objective is for your employees to enjoy their time with you, to produce at a high level and to become company ambassadors. Getting press for your cool, innovative office structure isn’t a bad outcome either!

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