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Our Product

We manufacture light steel framed components for medium-sized structures that can be used in a variety of applications, such as single-family homes, town houses, apartment and office buildings up to nine stories high.

Reduced Construction Time

Our construction system allows us to reduce construction time by almost 80%. We can achieve this by using our factory to manufacture components to the structure, including the foundation, floor, wall and roof components. These components are shipped to the construction site and connected to the new structure. From the size specifications to the materials used on the structure, we pre-design the channels in the component to accommodate plumbing, electrical and duct work. No cutting or drilling needed on the job site – everything is pre-fabricated and pre-built in the building design.

Pioneers in the Industry

The founders of Rocket Steel Buildings are pioneers in the steel structure industry. We have over 60 years of successful steel building experiences resulting in a portfolio of projects that exemplifies high quality and superior craftsmanship. Each building is designed and tested to the highest standards of quality and engineered to withstand severe weather conditions.

In addition to quality, customer service is critical to our success. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. It’s our mission to deliver innovative solutions with personalized service. You’ll work with a highly skilled workforce of experienced engineers and technicians who excel in getting your project done efficiently and effectively, on-time and within budget. (As an optional service, we can supervise the production work and assemble all the structures to ensure the whole process is well integrated.)

By applying our advanced framing technology, we offer a more economical and environmentally-friendly building solution to homeowners and businesses. No matter your needs, your steel building will be designed according to your specifications.


  • Exceptional Speed of Construction
    80% of framing is assembled off-site, large components installed with great speed on-site
  • Lightweight – Engineered Durability
    Reduces foundation costs, adds more story or a pitched roof to an existing building
  • Non-Restrictive and 100% Compatible
    No architectural design restrictions – compatible with standard building materials and finishes
  • Single Source – Supply and Installation
    Turn-key framing – includes all framing materials, sub sheathing and on-site installation
  • Predictable Pricing and Delivery Schedules
    Non-volatile steel prices, controlled indoor manufacturing process – no weather delays
  • Superior Fire, STC and Energy Performance
    Non-combustible galvanized steel construction, over 65 db tested assemblies, exceeds energy ratings
  • A Sustainable Building Product
    Eco-friendly products, no waste manufacturing process, less stress on our environment
  • Cleaner and Safer Job Sites
    Reduction in scrap, loose materials and disposal costs
  • Increased Site Mobility
    Smaller crews to install, less material storage space required

Design Analysis

We begin every project with a thorough review and assessment of which systems will be most appropriate and most economical to frame the building. A cost estimate, scope of work and an outline of potential time and cost savings to capitalize on the many benefits of steel framing technology.

The Analysis involves:

  • A preliminary budget for the overall building cost analysis
  • A summary of the advantages of light steel framing
  • Alternative design considerations that will result in cost reductions

Structural Engineering Design

We design light steel structures to conform to any specification or building code in the world. Seismic loads, wind loads, snow loads and live loads are considered where determining design requirements. In addition, our Engineers will also provide back-up calculations, fire rated assemblies, thermal and sound assemblies, structural member sizes, thickness and maximum spacing requirements. This information is delivered in a drawing form that may be used to obtain municipal approvals.

Installation and Drawings

Our designers will build a CAD model of the building and tailor it according to engineering calculations and detailing. These drawings generate production and installation drawings and will enable to build the light steel framing efficiently and effectively while ensuring proper installation that will meet design requirements.

Drawings are:

  • Wall and Floor layouts and connection details
  • Roof and truss layout drawings and connection details
  • Foundation layout drawings


Our team here at Rocket uphold industry standards, and strives to bring you the best quality work. All of our products are manufactured to rigorous quality standards.

Component Lists and Data

Light steel framing materials are precisely calculated to provide you with a detailed list of all material components required to frame and build your project. These detailed lists form the basis for all required purchases including, studs and track, bracing and sheathing materials.

Supply chain coordination

We elaborate a planning for the supply chain in concordance with the project planning to ensure that both fit perfectly.

Production Control

We ensure that all of the project’s product range accomplishes the quality standard. Our projects ensure a certification quality and a warranty for all materials.

Project Management and Coordination

Our team has experience and we manage projects with professional construction managers to manage construction, sequencing and trade coordination.

Timing and Planning Management

We are constantly monitoring the project and updating the schedules. With steel structures, construction technique we are able to ensure finalizing schedules. Our team inspects the project in order to ensure that trade coordination is perfect and construction sequencing is correct.

Project Information Update

Our team will always keep you informed and updated as the project proceeds. We monitor the timing and any modifications are communicated to the project manager. We also update all the information to the property and we keep regularly scheduled project meetings with everyone involved with the project.


Our crews are experts in the field of building construction and will always be professional and friendly to our customers. They will be available to answer any questions or concerns and be in communication with you throughout the entire construction process.

Engineering Certificate, Sign-off and Foundations Certifications

We complete the project with an on-site review of the framing and certification of the foundation once it is erected. The engineer will submit a certified letter of completion to building officials.

Quality Certificate

Our projects ensure a certification quality and a warranty for all materials. As good as all materials have been managed under a strict quality standard, the engineer will submit a certified letter where certificates the quality of the project.

All Rocket Steel Buildings feature:

  • Faster construction
  • Structural safety
  • Unlimited design
  • High standard finishing details
  • Great thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Greater durability
  • Spans up to 33′
  • Building dry and clean
  • Greater comfort
  • Higher quality coating materials
  • Cost control
  • Skilled labor
  • Series production
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not oxidize
  • Does not deform
  • 100% recyclable
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Limited 50-year Structural Warranty


60-years of building design experience


Affordable and faster than conventional construction



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